Lochiel Estate Mangawhai The Laird Fortified Dessert wine

Port: Lochiel Estate Mangawhai The Laird Fortified Dessert wine

 'The Laird'. This is a fortified Desert Wine made from Malbec grapes.  this is fortified wine made as fortified wine and has been matured in old American oak for 15 months.

Deep purple crimson in colour, bright and opaque, it's spicy, rich, plummy and just a little spirituous on the nose. The flavour is just gorgeous - it is rich, weighty, bright-fruited and expansive with a slight mintiness, deep purple fruit, subtle oak and smooth, satin-sheet tannins. There's no overt spirit flavour at all although there is alcoholic lift and warmth to the finish, which leaves a warm minty sensation, the aftertaste that reminds me of Cadbury's Old Gold dark chocolate with raspberry chips. The wine has 17% alcohol by volume and 500ml-sized bottle

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