Krohn Porto Ambassadeur Rich Ruby

Port: Krohn Porto  Ambassadeur Rich Ruby

A stylish fruity nose which is full of intense and concentrated blackcurrant and cherry aromas. Full bodied and firm, the palate is crammed with luscious black fruit flavours. The wine has good weight and structure with a fine finish.

Ruby Ports, like Late Bottle Vintage (LBV), have rich colour and body, a fine aroma and taste. Their fruit character will range from bright, fresh red fruits in younger rubies to darker, mellow fruit .

Ruby port, with its firm tannins and concentrated fruitiness, is the style most suited for the classic port and cheese combination. It is particularly good with blue-veined and richly flavoured soft cheeses. It is also delicious with bitter chocolate.


Press Review: “Smells like a handful of currants, with a good whack of spice. On the palate, it’s a very winey Port, with a big rush of fruit up front, backed up by a spicy, nutty finish. Well balanced and with good weight, a well considered all-rounder (Hospitality, August 2011, New Zealand).

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